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Leah Ward Sears on Marriage (and on those billboards!)


Recently, under the leadership of former Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, the Georgia Supreme Court has begun advertising that parents should “Get Married and Stay Married.” I think it’s fair to say that that is an unusual program for an appellate court.

Today, Leah Ward Sears has an opinion piece at CNN, talking about her views of society and marriage developed while on the bench. As a part of the piece, she advocates for the elimination of no fault divorce.

Currently, Georgia has among the easier divorce processes in the states in terms of meeting the statutory requirements. A divorce may be issued at any time after 30 days from the establishment of service. However, as a divorce attorney, it’s always strange to hear people talking about how divorce is too easy. A contested divorce action, particularly one involving custody, is incredibly difficult. Not to mention expensive.